Octubre 10-12, 2016
Cuzco - Peru
14 paises
200 ponentes


  1. Innovation projects in the chemical industry.
  2. Scientific and technological research.
  3. Development of new metallurgical processes.
  4. Development of alternative generation biofuels.
  5. Drug production globally using chemical engineering.
  6. Development of the steel industry.
  7. Development of the textile industry, new products.
  8. Advances in biotechnology in the food industry.
  9. Applications of supercritical fluids in industrial processes.
  10. Materials Engineering.
  11. Safety and environmental management in industrial processes.
  12. Chemical Engineer training and professional development.
  13. Technologies and processes in the fishing industry.
  14. Development of energy, gas and petrochemical poles.
  15. Water Resources Research.



About the Work.

  • You are invited to participate with original works, either for oral presentation or posters, on a matter within the thematic areas.
  • Authors should send a summary of work before June 30, 2016 to the Organizing Committee of the XXVIII Interamerican Congress of Chemical Engineering.
  • The summary must contain a title, author name and Origin, contributions to the subject, and a list of keywords.
  • It must be sent by electronic means.
  • Its extension should not exceed 450 words.
  • Free text format in Word or PDF, can be plain text or also contain equations.
  • Acceptance of work will be informed as soon as the approval of the Committee on Agenda will have with deadline until July 30, 2016.

Participants whose abstracts have been approved and reported for oral presentation or poster can download here the respective templates:


Final works

Template for final works (Oral or Poster) - Download file

Display Format Posters- Download file

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